Dip-Switch,Trimmers and Potentiometers

Dip-Switch,Trimmers and Potentiometers

Allsemi offers all types of Dip-Switch, Trimmers and Potentiometers High quality low price:

1. DSIC Tristate DIP SW                               7. DSWB Wide Base DIP SW

2. DSIC IC Type DIP (A, H)
                               8. DSIC SMT DIP SW

3. WIDE Base DIP SW                                             9. DSIC SMT DIP SW (S, J)

4. DSIC IC Type DIP SW                                         10. 1.27mm Half Pitch DIP SW

5. Piano SMD Type DIP SW                                  11. 1.27mm SMT Half Pitch DIP (S, J)

6. Ceramic Base Metal film Semifixed Variable Resistor

Circuit adjustments Trimers
• Potentiometers


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