Allsemi offers all types of iot WiFi/BLE/GPRS modules
, High quality low price:

WiFi Modules

- Serial UART to Wifi
- Programmable WiFi Modules with On-board Antenna
- M2M Wifi Modules with External Antenna
- WIFI Module Low Power
- Serial RS232 to WIFI Module
- WIFI Module High Performance
- WiFi Modules with Ethernet port
- Serial UART to Wifi /Wireless Module with external antenna
- SMT MCU WiFi Modules with External Antenna
- SMT Microcontroller WiFi Modules On-board Antenna
- Serial Wireless WiFi Modules, Tiny Size Low Cost
- 4G LTE Modules for Transparent Transmission
- 4G Wireless Routers with industrial lead rail, TD-LTE and FDD-LTE Network
- Industrial Low Power TI CC3200 Wifi Modules with On-board/External Antenna
- 4G LTE Modules, mPCIe Hardware Interface

GPRS Module

- Serial UART to GPRS Module, GPRS DTU, GSM Module
- Low Power Gsm Modules, Small GPRS Modems
- Industrial Smallest UART to GSM/GPRS Module
- UART TTL to GPRS, GSM Module
- Serial RS232/RS485 to GPRS Module, GPRS DTU
- GPRS Module Evaluation Board
- GSM /GPRS Modem GPRS DTU Terminal
- RS485 GSM Modems, RS485 to GPRS

Ethernet & Bluetooth Modules

- Embedded and industrial Ethernet module
- BLE modules
- BLE modules with on board antenna
- Low Energy Ble Modules Mesh/iBeacon
- Low Energy Serial Bluetooth Modules, Master and Slave Mode
- SMT Ethernet Modules, Serial TTL to Ethernet TCP/IP Converter
- Industrial Wireless 4G Routers, TD-LTE and FDD-LTE Network

Serial Device Server

- Serial RS232 to TCP/IP Ethernet Converter
- Serial Device Servers, RS232/485/422 to Ethernet
- Serial RS232 RS485 to Ethernet TCP/IP Server
- Serial RS485 to TCP/IP Ethernet Server
- Serial Device Server,RS232 RS485 to Ethernet TCP/IP Converter
- Serial Device Server, 3 RS485 to Ethernet TCP/IP Converter
- 2 RJ45 Port, TCP/IP Ethernet to RS232 RS485 Converter
- RS485 to Ethernet Converters with Built-in Webpage
- Serial RS232 to Ethernet Converters, DHCP/DNS
- RS232 / RS485 Wifi Device Servers, Wireless Device Servers
- RS232/RS485/RS422 Single Serial Device Server
- RS232 RS485 to Ethernet Serial Devce Servers, Modbus to Ethernet Converters

Super port

- Embedded and industrial Ethernet module
- Industrial Super Port Serial TTL UART to Ethernet Module High Performance
- Low Cost Multifunctional Super Port Serial Ethernet Module
- Dual TTL to Ethernet Modules With New Cortex-M4 Kernel

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