Fasteners (קשיחים ומכניקה)

Fasteners (קשיחים ומכניקה)


Allsemi ltd specializes in marketing and providing solutions of: Fasteners, mechanical
and electromechanical components for industrial and military use, Standards and
manufactured according to customers requirements.

All parts are high quality low price:

· Screws                        · Brass Inserts, Nuts, Washers, Screws

· Bolts                            · Brass Ball Valve

· Nuts                             · Brass Plumbing

· Washers                      · Brass Sanitary Parts

· Pins                             · Brass Anchors

· Springs                       · Brass Neutral links

· Rivets                          · Brass Electrical Part

· Studs                           · Brass Cable Lungs

· Slides                          · Replacements Standoffs

· Inserts                         · Replacements Inserts parts

· Axis                             · Brass Gas Parts

· Latches                       · Handles

· Self-Clinching Nuts    · Pressure Spring

· Micro self-clinching   · Inserts and Standoffs

We can produce all kind of replacements parts according to customer requests.
We can produce all kind
of parts made from all metals:

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