Adaptors & Cables

Adaptors & Cables

Allsemi offers all types of Adaptors & Converters, High quality low price:


Adaptors & Converters


    USB2.0 to RS232 adapter.

    USB to RS422/485.

    USB to CAN bus converter.

    RS232 to Can Bus lever isolation converter.

    RS232/RS485/RS422-Can Bus protocol access server.

    USB2.0 to RS485/422 adapter.

    RS232 to RS422/485 interface adapter.

    RS-232 photoelectric isolation line booster.

    RS232 to TTL lever converter.

    RS232-RS485 interface converter.

    RS232-TTL lever converter.

    RS-485 surge protector.

    RS232/422/485 - TCP/IP Serial.

    75 ohm to 120 ohm G.703 balun converter.

    75 ohm to 120 ohm G.703 balun converter.

    RS232/485/422 to SC Multi mode Fiber Converter.

    RS232/485/422 to SC Single Mode Fiber Converter.

    Fiber optical transceiver.
    Serial Optical Isolation Line Driver.
    RS-485/422 surge protector.

Allsemi offers all types of Cables, High quality low price:




    Cable manufacturing (various types) according to drawing (Specifications).

    Standards Cables: USB, RCA, DVI, HDMI, RS232, communication  and more.

    All kind of RF Coaxial Cables.

    Wire Harness cables.

    Cables Assemblies.

    All kind of Molded Cables.
    All kind of Power cords (with regulation), for all Countries.


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