Heat Sink  (מקרנים)

Heat Sink (מקרנים)

Allsemi offers all types of Heat Sinks, High quality low price:

•    Bonded Fit Heat Sinks

•    Heat Sinks for Digital Chip Sets

•    Epoxy Bonded Heat Sinks

•    Standard Extrude Heat Sinks

•    Die-cast Parts , Stamping Parts

•    Power System Extrusion, Standard Extrusion, Special Extrusion

•    Lower Power Heat sink

•    Extrude Heat Sinks with Clip

•    Skiving Heat Sinks

•    cold plate

•    Panel and Housing

•    Heat Sinks for DC-DC Converters

•    Copper Embedded Heat Sinks

•    Stamped Standard Heat Sinks

•    Die Casting Heat Sinks

•    Machined Mechanical Parts

•    Custom made Heat Sink

Important note: We can design and manufacture Heat sinks/parts according to customer's needs (aluminum, copper, different profiles and more) to comply with tough environmental conditions, with excellent prices!!.




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