Circuit Protection (IC)

Circuit Protection (IC)

Allsemi offers all types of
Circuit Protection IC, Full Range of
over voltage & current protection solution
, High quality low price:

Discharge Tubes
          Over Voltage Protection         Surge Protective Device           

1. Gas Discharge Tubes                       1. TVS/ESD Diode Arrays                        1. Power Supply SPD

2. Glass Gas Discharge Tubes             2. TVS Diodes                                          2.  Signal SP

3. Thyristor Surge Suppressors             3. Metal Oxide Varistors                          3. CCTV SPD

4. Spark Gap Tubes                               4. Open LED Protectors

5. Switching Spark Gap                          5. High-voltage lamp ignitors

Over current protection

1. Resettable Fuses-PPTC


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